My name is Svetlana, Parisian by adoption since more than 7 years and  Moscow-born.

At my 32 years old, among other things, I could:

  • Do 6,5 years of studies and as many years of work
  • Live in 3 different countries and learn 4 languages
  • Change the color of my hair at least 5 times and get back to blonde each time
  • Build an impressive collection of bags and shoes that I’ve stopped counting
  • Follow dozens of blogs before daring to start mine


Svetik.com first went live back in 2003. Since then it has gone through different stages: personal website, portfolio, blog, until it has finally become my online CV.
Now, I would like to give it a new start and to launch a project I’ve in mind for a while – a blog to share my passion for fashion, travel, interior design, French bulldogs, Paris, and more.


Welcome to Svetik.com!